Nurture over network, we reach for the best in ourselves and in each other and grow it

Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are.

Many cultures have a version of this statement.  It’s true. Together we inspire each other, creating an environment of reaching for our best selves, without judgment or shame.
We are not perfect but we are excellent.
Check out IMPROVING to see how we be excellent!




Monthly fee

Access to all OUR HOUSE spaces

Discounts/Specials at OUR HOUSE spaces

Invitations to exclusive events


Nominal Monthly Fee

Access to OUR HOUSE spaces, except co-working and gym

Access to exclusive events and parties



Anywhere in the World

Enjoy the app

Invitations to big events

Access to discounts on exclusive products


Enjoy the benefits of a member’s club, but distributed across multiple, exclusive locations around Barcelona!  Check the app to see if friends are already there before you go or just show up as someone will be there:

  • Special spaces to meet & connect with other members
  • Advantageous rates at the Quality of Life Clinic
  • Innovative co-working; maximizing productivity & creativity
  • Special events, dinners, outings, and activities, organized around our values
  • Premium gym with pool, spa, & fitness classes
  • Restaurants & cafes*
  • Exclusive speakeasies*
  • Art galleries and openings
  • Hotels*
  • Experiences for children and students
  • Access to exclusive art house screenings and parties
  • Reciprocal membership in clubs around the world

    *With special offers for members


They are people and idea connectors.

Ambassadors are at each space and event to smooth, introduce and find connections mutually beneficial to participants. 

They curate conversations, dinners, and meet-ups on issues of interest. Our topics are inspired by your passions and interests. Ambassadors connect you to thinkers, opportunities for growth, wisdom, and networks of the like-minded and passionate.


All our events, of which there are many, are designed for entertainment and enlightenment. Party with a purpose. We host dinners and receptions of all dynamics and sizes. MEMBER LITE enjoys access to all our events, and NEIGHBORS are welcome to certain larger shindigs. Each event has a purpose and goal centered on our values and identity.

High achievers need creative play and rest to really grow and develop.


  • Anyone can create a profile and benefit from the app
  • STEP 1: Create Profile based on what topics about wisdom on topics of self and world improvement that interest you.
  • STEP 2 PART 1: Every other day receive content from our partner organizations on your topics of interest, curated to be easily accessible – you can choose how deep you want to delve into the content
  • STEP 2 PART 2: participate in virtual conversations on the topic, many times with the authors.
  • STEP 3: Every other day receive thoughtful questions, incites, and invitations to participate more in your areas of interest from suggestions of best practices to personal actions
    • Get access to all the spaces, see which members have checked into them in real-time
    • Receive invitations to exclusive events
    • Receive special discounts at our spaces

Message us below to check out membership or what we are up to. We tend to avoid social media.

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