We have started with community and added the hardware and software. 

The old way of creating community was a "if you build it they will come" mentality. They think that a pretty space is enough to build lasting and quality community.

We start with lasting and quality community and rotate through the pretty spaces.


Quality of life is more than having a good time, although we are definitely about creatively and uniquely doing that. 

We believe in purpose and a kind of mindfulness.

We have worked hard in our lives to achieve excellence professionally, so this group is about going to the next level on the personal level.


We have high demands on ourselves and we seek that out in a positive and healthy way others with whom we can collaborate. 

In Barcelona there are people doing amazing things, restaurants, hotels, experiences, and a host of other spaces and activities that we use as embassies into the extraordinary.

We build our quality of life together


This project is the passion of my friends and myself. We have been building our local community for years, doing events big and small for fun and clients. We were heading in the direction of building our own space when recent events showed us an even more communal path, empowering projects that were already achieving excellence in Barcelona.

Additionally, my background is in cognitive science. For years, I used the research on how the brain works to teach teachers how to teach better throughout the US, parts of Asia, and Europe.  I have developed this research and work into may related fields and explored more of the studies under the “cognitive” umbrella. There is a rich world of wisdom there that we can tap into to improve ourselves and the world. In addition to science, I really enjoy the esoteric practices that offer ways of thinking and talking about ourselves outside of empirical study. Spirituality and ancient wisdom are also extraordinary sources for us. 

Community to us means connecting like-minded people in purposeful and playful ways. Many of our compatriots are go-getters, achieving great things in their professional lives. So our goal is to help add excellence to their personal lives. Together our lives are better than the sum of the parts. Together we achieve amazing lives that would not be possible alone. Our adventures, growth, and achievements are greater for having each other in our lives.

Ambassador of Wonderland

Special mucho thanks to Kevin Eyber for his work on the business plan and support!


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